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About Our B2B Products & Services

Here at Health Journeys, we’re 30 years deep in the business of getting innovative, evidence-based guided imagery into the hands (and ears!) of those who need it most.

From cassette tapes and CDs to the modern age of streaming pages and “there’s an app for that,” we’ve adapted with the times to keep integrative health support affordable and accessible (just ask Mayo Clinic or the National Institutes of Health).

Check out these frequently asked questions (and answers) to help make the most informed decision...

Private Customized Streaming Pages

Q: What does a monthly or annual licensing offer my people?
A: a customized streaming page that has the guided imagery programs of your choosing, data page with information on # of users, average duration listening, which audios are being listened to the most, shorten URL to the link, QR code to your streaming page, and marketing materials to promote your page.

Q: Why are these pages the hottest, new choice of hospitals, colleges, and corporate wellness programs?
A: They’re inexpensive yet yield robust benefits in health and productivity to listeners. They bring increased efficiency and reduce sick leave to employees; better prevention outcomes to HMO members; fewer medical complications and lower opioid use in hospital patients; and improved academic performance in stressed college students. 

In fact, the streamed content is so helpful and life-changing to its listeners, you enjoy their boundless gratitude and loyalty. 

Q: How does it work? What do we have to do?
A: Not much. We build your organization, department or practice its own secure, branded web page, using your logo and messaging. You pick the meditations for the page that you think will best serve your people, whether they’re patients, employees, members, or students. You pay a low annual fee, structured by the number of titles you choose, and whether you want streaming only or downloads, too.

Q: What's a Private Digital Page & How Does it Work?
A: We build your organization or department its own secure, branded web page, using your logo and messaging. Patients, employees, members, or students access the meditations you've selected for them. They get a private link to download your recommended titles to the device of their choosing. 

Q: How can I tell if my streaming page is being used?
A: Along with the streaming page, we build you a Data Page that provides you with information about the utilization of your page. Information includes:  number of sessions, new vs. returning users, average duration on the page, titles completed, what titles are being listened to, and so much more.

All you need to do is: 

  1. Select the meditations to include. 
  2. Send us your logo and tell us the message you want to convey. 
  3. Proof and tweak the page we send back to you. 

Mobile App

Q: What does an annual app subscription offer my audience?
A: Access to 260+ guided imagery, meditation, and relaxation they want, free to them, at any time, day or night, just by pressing PLAY. 

Q: How do they sign-up for mobile app?
A: They can scan a QR code (we'll provide) or go to the sign-up link to register their email. They will receive an email, once registered, with instructions on how to sign in to the mobile app. Alternatively, give us the name and email for the people you want to have access and we'll register them! 

Q: How can I tell if employees are using the mobile app?
A: We build you a Data Page that provides you with information about the utilization of the mobile app. Information includes: number of active users, minutes listened, titles listened to, top authors, and more.

Misc. Questions 

Q: How can I listen to a sample of an audio?
A: Go to and search for the name or item number of the program you would like to sample. There's a sound sample for each audio we offer.

Q: What is the difference between customized streaming page, mobile app and Playaway?

  • Customized Steaming Page – customized, branded web page using your logo and messaging with the guided imagery audios of your choosing; accessible 24/7 on any device, i.e., computer, phone, or tablet. 
  • Mobile App Subscription – access to all 250+ meditation audios, plus exclusive 5-minute meditations that are only available on the app, on a smart device 
  • Playaways – lightweight, portable preloaded MP3 player with earbuds; each playaway has one title preloaded. 

We will also...

work with you on pricing to find solutions that fit your budget

help jump start your launch with in-service training

remain available for ongoing clinical, technical, and promotional support

provide consultation on how other organizations have used our content

supply you with relevant back-end data to fine-tune the program

assist in developing in-house marketing and support materials to help you promote your initiative

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